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New York hustle. Detroit soul.

Role: Art Director

Agency: Digitas

Client: Buick

Starring: Cam Newton / Miranda Kerr


Buick Big Game Site

Mobile Landing Page

Buick Instagram Stories

When it comes to the ad world, there's no time like the Super Bowl. That being said, I was super fortunate to partake in the hard hitting campaign. As my role as Art Director, my partner and I produced Instagram stories as well as constructed the micro-site for the 2017 Super Bowl commercial featuring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr.

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Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Retoucher

Client: Detroit Public Theatre

Agency: Doner

Pro bono work rocks. While many allow a campaign's budget to steer them into priority land, I sought this cutting edge client as an opportunity. Using the power of my hands I worked with what I got to morph hundreds of assets into four award nominating posters. A torch was used to melt the prongs of a fork, the spark from a match was used to set the 'Detroit '67' concept on fire, countless agency feet were shot in Doner's work room and a vibrant post broadway star was met. No money means you have to work a little harder. No money means what you create is really yours. No money means there's an unbelivable opportunity waiting just around the corner.

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Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer

Client: Highmark

Agency: Doner

Campain: All for Health

Who knew health insurance could be so cool? The fresh new campaign 'All for Health' brought a vibrancy to the Highmark Health Insurance brand that was never seen before. Highlights included celebrations of people living over a century, and praise to employees that encourage a healthy work environment. This campaign is an eye catching exemplary message that focused on living happier and healthier lives throughout every moment.

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Role: Art Director

Client: Allegheny Health Network

Agency: Doner

Campaign: "Tomorrow" - 30 Second TV / Print

This powerful campaign featured a select few real life cancer patients that are now in remission. We tell their story of how cancer not only effected themselves but the loved one's that surround them, and how they have Allegheny Health Network to thank. 'Tomorrow' was the first integrated campaign my partner and I produced. The vision origionated as a 30 second broadcast spot, but one day into filming we realized this deserved much more than just 30 seconds. Onset we were so compelled by just one women's story that we chose to give her all 30 seconds and used print, digital and social mediums to tell the rest. Allegheny was just as inspired to change the capacity of how this campign could unfold. And with raw and true stories to tell brought a piece as powerful as the patients who beat Cancer itself. 

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Client: Allegheny Health Network

Neuro Center - Megan Single Story

Role: Art Director

Client: Allegheny Health Network

Neuro Center - Rick Single Story

Role: Art Director

Client: Allegheny Health Network

Transplant - Teke 

Role: Art Director

Innovative synths and upbeat rhythms are the signature sounds that drive Hudson K, Knoxville’s premier electro-rock duo, featuring Christina Horn (vocals/synths) and Nate Barrett (drums). For the past decade, Hudson K has explored the intersection of electronica and classical music, composing sonic tapestries that have entertained dedicated audiences from Georgia to Connecticut and everywhere in between. Voted “Best Electronic Band” by Blank News, Hudson K regularly appears as a top performing band in the region, and their popularity has led them to a main stage performance at Rhythm and Blooms, a performance on the “Who” stage at Bonnaroo, as well as performances at the Slingshot Music Festival in Athens, GA and the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, among many others. Hudson K recently finished recording their fourth studio album at Top Hat Studios in March, and will launch their 2017 tour of the Eastern US in July.

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The Future of Storytelling is a two-day gathering of media, technology and communication visionaries from around the world. It takes place in the picturesque grounds of Snug Harbor, Staten Island.

Taken aback by an amazing vintage greenhouse at the park, we were inspired to do something completely different, combining music, theatre, technology, art and personal exploration. We have been toying with the idea of doing a live immersive interactive music video for a while now, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to play with a new art piece.


In this unique experience guests are invited to immerse themselves in different vignettes from classic sci-fi novels spread across the space- we chose The Time Machine, The Colour out of Space, and Brave New World. Each of these vignettes presents part of it's story in an abstract sense, and uses the atmosphere of the greenhouse intrically in it's art direction. In a day long durational performance, actors from the different stories begin to mix, blending the themes of time, science, society and mankind.

In each scene, a time machine pocket watch stands out, glowing and interacting with the audience. From this personal interaction, part of a multi-layered track will be unlocked and mixed in with a bigger harmony, exclusive to each novels room. We invented this Time Pocket Watch device with parts from circuit boards, resin, watches, phones, and iBeacon science.

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Honestly, this piece of beautiful meat sells itself.

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