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Southpaw Events - Freelance Creative Director

Southpaw Events focuses on bringing unique events across North America, such as our Underground Yoga classes.





"Dali in the Desert"  |  Woodcut Relief Print

"Divine Moment of Truth"  |  Woodcut Relief Print

"Demons vs. Everybody"  |  Woodcut Relief Print

"Mahakhal vs. Demon"  |  Woodcut Relief Print

Me on Art.

"The Answer is in the Question"


The colors that consumed me were some I had never seen before. As if they lived on a spectrum from a parallel universe not visible to the naked eye. They calmly swam nakedly through illuminated peculiar shapes. And these shapes contributed to larger patterns that became the make up of all that was perceived. They seemed to be the building blocks of everything beautiful and everything alive. This intense sensation that only momentarily took over my vision, mind and body eternally heightened my awareness, expanded my perception and grounded me to what I had always been searching for.

                                                                    *          *          *

 An artist is someone who can successfully communicate their deepest passions and desires with a hint of talent or some sort of skill that makes their perspective worth engaging with. Good artists successfully communicate. Great artists make an impact or a difference.

If I was asked to define what an artist was seven years ago I would have still given an answer. But the answer would have probably went something like: being able to draw well, making still lives look identical to the scene in front of you and making self-portraits look identical to yourself. This perspective didn’t get me too far. All it gave me was a few cool looking portraits in a variety of mediums, an almost failed sophomore-review in college and no appetite for inspiration.

I knew I was an artist. It was in my genetics (both my mom and sister were artists, and good ones too!), and well, there wasn’t anything else I would consider for a career or source of income. So all of the cards were dealt to me, I just had to play them right. I learned playing them right was not joining the sorority I was so invested in socially. It was not going out and drinking shitty beer kegs with even shittier frat boys. My priorities were not in sync with what should have been important. But with a little time, maturing, music, some marijuana, a special person and a drop of LSD, my story took a sharp turn that changed my life completely.

                                                                     *          *          *

With just one small drop on the tip of the tongue, everything made sense yet baffled me at the same time. Everything in front of me was filtered with an iridescent glow, bathed in a sea of moving patterns, yet I could see clearly for the very first time. It was a state of awareness and a state of trance. I was awake and alive, yet still and inside a dream. I took a deep breath and absorbed everything around me. The green grass grew lusciously and healthily right before my eyes. I stared into the center of the sun, which leaked through the cracks of overlapping trees. The dancing leaves carried by the wind emulated rings of a mandala that meandered around the sun. Everything around me breathed. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. I was in a place I had been in before, but in this moment, I was rewarded with a brand new perspective. I felt the connectedness of my body with the earth, I saw the beauty that lives within the simple things in this world and gained the recognition that in one moment of time and space you have everything you could possibly need and infinitely more.

There was so much knowledge gained paired with so many new questions. I just wanted to shout it to the world. I wanted to let everyoneknow about this secret of perception and knowing and feeling. I was inspired. The inspiration I had been longing for had finally been found. And it was found inside of me, deep inside of me—it just had to be awakened.

                                                                     *          *          *

 I sat down with a blank piece of paper and a micron pen. There were no still-lives before me, no photographs or references either. I spoke to myself, “Casey, draw from your head.” I meditated on that thought and I even closed my eyes. As they opened my mind was empty. It was cleansed. My pen began to move and it did not stop. There was no direction but it knew exactly where it was going. After what seemed like a second but also a lifetime, I realized an hour had gone by. And my page was full of shapes and lines and patterns and stories. My drawing for the first time was not realistic; in fact it was unbelievable to me.  I realized the image of a new perspective has more importance than one we can see with our own human eyes. More sense was made and I was eager to create. I was eager to scream these newly found philosophies within my art, within this voice—within my own choice of voice.

From that day on I continued this journey of self-awareness and realization and communicated my perspective visually and creatively. Some people choose to be spoken to or preached at, constant words being thrown in one direction getting lost into a hypnotic abyss. It seemed almost pointless to shed my perspective with words when more than half the time I couldn’t even find the words to say. These thoughts in my head moved too quickly to even take form of a sentence. So I drew, I painted, I printed, I carved and I mixed a bunch of different kind of cool shit together until I felt what I wanted to say was there. Expressing my passions artistically allowed others to raise questions and my response raised even more questions. This medium allowed me to connect and communicate with people. Those who have had a severe impact on me transitioned straight back into my art. It was a constant conversation thatall could engage in. All were welcome, all could participate and all were appreciated for doing so. My love for humanity grew stronger, the amount of people I loved and trusted grew larger and my happiness in the world and myself grew louder.  The magnetism of it all spread wider—there was no limit to the possibilities of creative expression. The things I wanted to communicate began to take form. It was a form that made a positive impact in my own life. As I continue to follow my own instincts, my heart and sometimes my head, I hope to also make an impact on others, maybe change a life or perhaps even liberate a soul.


Role - Creative Director of Doner's D/Construct

"We are a team of creative thinkers who uncover emerging cultural, economic and consumer trends to inspire greater ways of thinking. We’re passionate investigators who probe and synthesize to reflect how the market is moving and where it’s heading. Through a curated stream, we uncover unique intersections that translate into profitable creative opportunities."



Wubwitz. Soundcloud. 

EP: "Transcendence Reflection"  Cover Art

"Alphabet Soup Cover Art

Role: Photographer / Designer / Art Director











EP: "Mudfalcon"  Cover Art

Role: Designer / Art Director

9.14crebral coding22.jpg


This installation is a chance to delve into all of these themes: a center-point for community interaction, engagement, and discussion. Art gives us topics for consideration and discussion, it can open up dialogue and create opportunities to hear new perspectives or interpretations. Pursuing these ideals, we want to bring in many dimensions of experience to build something that people can get lost in, interact with, and gather together around in the name of curiosity and fascination.

Our ambition is to emphasize interactivity and create something that facilitates connection and engagement in the community; an experience that hopefully impacts not only the immediate interaction, but leaves a lasting impression-- even a new perspective.



Between the many dimensions of the self are threads rooted in all the boundless universe...
    Where art and technology intersect, wonder is found. Some love to explore the blurred line between the two, and for those that don’t, that’s why we’re here. Between the Dimensions strives to push the boundaries of societies connection to technology in order to further an artistic expression and provide immersive works that aim to cultivate thought, introspection, and inspiration.
    A combination of art-deco and 3D projection mapping create dynamic, alluring visual displays that flow with the ambience of the environment. Embracing the idea of ‘culture jamming’-- re-organizing found images to be comments upon themselves, then projecting them back for cultural consideration-- Between the Dimensions strives to provide contemplative images that inspire thought and meditation, as well as offer a new perspective for reflection. It uses light as a tool of expression, to draw attention to certain ideas, or simply explore the beauty of existence. This art seeks to offer a deeply engaging experience for others on many levels, a chance to see from new perspectives, find fuel for the imagination, and hone the ways we interact with the world around us-- recognizing the inter-connectivity between all things.
    From witnessing the art of meditation through detailed woodcut relief prints, coexisting with light projection mapped graphics onto a compilation of geometric shapes. All ends of the visionary spectrum come together as one, making what was once on opposite ends of the spectrum transition into a blurred ignition of infinity.
    Blending the timeless aspects of analog, and the incomprehensible effects of digital; we present to you, Between the Dimensions.